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November 8, 2018 2018 Paper Takes Flight! 1st Event
[posted: Aug 1, 2018]
November 13, 2018 2018 Paper Takes Flight! 2nd Event
[posted: Aug 1, 2018]

Whats New?

[posted: Sep 21, 2018]

Registration for 2018 Paper Takes Flight is complete. The drawing for participation has been made. Registrants have been notified if they were selected or not.

If you ARE selected - You MUST stop by the Balloon Museum on October 17th. If for some reason you cannot have someone pick up your kits on October 17th, they will be available at the front desk of the Balloon Museum until it closes at 5:00 pm on October 20th.

If you were NOT selected and someone drops out you will be notified no later than October 22nd that you can participate.

Thanks to all that registered. Hope you all come back next year.

Tissue Paper Balloon Kits Available

Are you interested in building your own Tissue Paper Balloon but didn't want to have to purchase a big stack of tissue paper to get a variety of colors? The Balloon Explorium has created a kit with just about everything you need. They are available for purchase from the Anderson-Abruzzo International Balloon Museum gift shop for $15+tax.

Classroom sets of these kits are available at discounted rates. Contact the Balloon Explorium directly by sending an e-mail to .

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